Personal finance manager

Simple and at the same time is functional.
Just try, it's easy.

Desktop application

Main tool for managing personal finance and home accounting, which includes entire features to control and analyse you finance condition.

Mobile companion

Most of finance operations are made by us outside of home. The companion on mobile phone, which is always with you, allowing to save them quickly and easily.

Finance independence
The path to finance independence also going thru the income and expenses control as well as timely analysis of your financial condition. And our application could be useful in this for you.


PFM has following unique features:


Ease in use and emphasis on main, allow you to focus on your goals achievement.

Income and expenses budgeting


Just couple of minutes and you will make your future plans.

Financial indicators on the main page

Focus on the essentials

Quick look and you see where you are, and more important, what steps should be next.

Cashflow visual report


Wide range of reports will help you answer to main questions.


Application for WindowsDesktop application for Windows*

*Desktop application stay fully functional within 60 days from the date of first transaction. During this time you can assess convenience, advantages and benefits from using of application. After trial period you still able to analyze the data, while adding of new ones will be limited until purchase of license key, which is removing any confines.

Application for AndroidMobile companion for Android*

*Performing the role of notepad, whis is allows record immediately all operations and further easily sync them with desktop application. Those for next data analysis you will need to use installed desktop application.


Product Qty of devices Price
Desktop app 1 pc.* 19 $
Mobile app Unlimited 0 $
19 $

Buying a license, you will get an activation key for your copy of desktop application of personal finance manager, what will allows you to use it without any limits within device on which the product was activated.

*Notebook or desktop PC.

How to buy?

In order to obtain a key and activate your copy of application you will need to follow steps bellow:

  1. Download, install and run desktop application.
  2. A non-activated application offers you to enter a key, providing you with a copy number.
  3. Sent an e-mail to with purchase request and attached copy number of your application.
  4. Shortly we will provide you available payment methods.
  5. Upon payment confirmation done we will provide you with a valid license key.
  6. During next launch of desktop application enter you key to finish activation process.